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About Eric Vogel

I have been in the computer industry for 11 years. I have worked for companies large, medium and small business. I beta test software (Help software & hardware companies find bugs (glitches) in their products before getting into consumers hands.) Not only is this a fun hobby, it allows me to keep up on what is coming out, and keep on top of the latest and greatest products out there. Because of this, I have over a years worth of experience in Windows Vista. Microsoft has recognized my community volunteerism with multiple Microsoft MVP (Most Valued Professional) Awards, and given me Moderator status on the Microsoft Windows Live! OneCare Forums. I have also volunteered in the Microsoft F.O.O.T.S. program by volunteering at the local CompUSA in Novi, Michigan giving Windows Vista presentations to the customers, answering questions, and even helping the staff with general computer questions and directing people to the right locations during busy times. CompUSA Windows Vista Experts were directing the more technical questions to me at the TechKnowlgest Help Desk to my booth. I recently just got a thank you letter for beta testing Vista, supporting it in the community and volunteering for the F.O.O.T.S. program from Mike Sievert, Corporate Vice President of Windows Product Marketing. I also volunteered in the Windows Vista Ask the Expert booth at the Detroit Windows Vista launch Event. Please see Eric In The News Below!

Eric In The News:
Vista tutorial plays Cobo -- Eric Morath

I am in the audience picture and in this picture in the top left in the back.

Professional Organization(s):
Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO)
Michigan Business and Professional Organization (MBPA)

Personal Organizations:

American Association of Zoo Keepers of Detroit (AAZK Detroit)
Organization For Bat Conservation
Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents (AZAD)
Gilda's Club Detroit

User Group(s):
Southeast Michigan I.T. Pro Group


Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP)

  • Windows Live! MVP July 2006- June 2007
  • Windows Shell / User MVP 2003 - 2004
  • Windows Shell / User MVP 2002 - 2003
  • Windows XP MVP 2001 - 2002

 MSN / Windows Live!

  • Windows Live! Beta Tester of the Week 11/20/2006 – 11/26/2006
  • Beta Butterfly Windows Live! – Outstanding Participation across multiple Windows Live! Beta Programs
  • MSN Beta Butterfly -  Outstanding Participation in MSN Butterfly Café, mentorship and bug submissions
  • MSN 9.1 Certificates of Excellence in recognition of Newsgroup Participation